This unique Christian literary thriller frankly addresses the ancient problem of violence and the hope of deliverance borne by the transcendent fire of faith.

Chapter 3

 A Fish in Hand

© Michael C. Rudasill 2009

The red worm ain’t catchin’ zip, Big Daddy.” The boy held the offending invertebrate at arm’s length, his tender face wrinkled in profound disgust. The slender youngster’s dark red hair matched the color of the translucent lure on the end of his hook. He had the look of a true child of nature: tousled, unkempt and ungainly, with faded freckles barely visible beneath his tan.

Zip ain’t on the menu, kid,” the burly old timer replied gruffly. “I’m glad the worm ain’t catchin’ it.” The big man smiled crookedly and scratched his chin with an oversized, sun-spotted hand that bore the imprint of a faded Harley Davidson tattoo. He was a big man with a wide face framed by an impressively long, wispy white ponytail. Bear-like but gentle in demeanor, he hunched over his spinning rod like a giant clutching a twig.

This fakey ol’ worm stinks, big-time,” the boy added.

In response, the old man sniffed officiously. “That’s a good lure, Junior. I caught a big bass with it last week.”

It’s the fish, then. They’re a bunch’a idjits.”

Fish don’t bunch, they school. And you mean idiots, not idjits.”

Well, they’re a school full’a idjits.”

Not the first, and not the last.”

Idjits,” Danny reiterated playfully, tweaking his grandfather.

Idiots? The way they’ve avoided your worm argues against that claim. And don’t ever use that word to describe human beans, Danny. Okay?” They observed a moment of silence as the child considered his grandfather’s request.

You mean human beings, not beans... right, Big Daddy?”


You said beans. It’s human beings, not human beans.”

I said beans, and I meant beans. Like pintos, only human.”

They grinned at each other. The old man mussed his grandson’s hair, and the child carefully slicked it back into place.

Grandpa... about tonight...”


What time is Daddy gettin’ home from prison?”

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