The Ultimate Paradigm, a Christian thriller by Tallahassee author Michael Rudasill, eloquently depicts the journey of a young woman who survives a brutal childhood only to encounter unexpected evil as an adult. On the run for her life, she discovers the mystery of the ultimate paradigm, overcoming violence through the transcendent fire of faith in this gritty Christian thriller.


© Michael C. Rudasill 2009

After serving five years for a crime he did not commit, Dan Johnston hopes to stay out of trouble. But when Dan’s cousin Pete assaults the Sheriff of Cutler County, Dan has to fight to save her life.

Enraged by his cousin’s defiance, Pete Johnston threatens to kill Dan’s entire family. The threat casts a pall across the lives of Dan, his wife Sarah, and 11-year-old Danny.

Two years later, on a still summer night, Pete’s threat bears deadly fruit. But when evil visits, it leaves unfulfilled. The boy, Danny Johnston, proves too hard to kill.

Using combat skills learned from his violent Uncle Pete during the years of his father’s imprisonment, Danny Johnston dispatches two professional hit men as if they were stumbling schoolboys. That same night, fleeing for his life, he hitches a ride to Tallahassee with a recovering rock star named Drew Marks. As they speed down the empty highway in the dark hours before dawn, they do not realize that a third killer runs hot on their trail.

If they catch a break, they just might survive the night.

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