The Ultimate Paradigm, a Christian thriller by Tallahassee author Michael Rudasill, eloquently depicts the journey of a young woman who survives a brutal childhood only to encounter unexpected evil as an adult. On the run for her life, she discovers the mystery of the ultimate paradigm, overcoming violence through the transcendent fire of faith in this gritty Christian thriller.


© Michael C. Rudasill 2003

When best friends witness a major drug deal, the result isn't pretty. Johnny Delaney meets a grisly end, and Jamie barely escapes with her life.

Now, she is on the run.

Johnny's murderer is no petty criminal. He is Joe Boy Provencenti, the maverick heir to Tampa's most powerful Mafia family. To silence the witness who could enthrone him in the electric chair, Joe Boy brings in one of the mob's most talented, twisted killers.

On the surface, all is calm. Jamie waits to testify at the trial, hidden in the heart of the lush Florida wilderness. It is only a matter of time.

On the run for her life and at the end of all hope, Jamie discovers the ultimate paradigm. And with it, she finds the secret that could save her life and give her love everlasting.

But will she accept it?

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